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 Expressionistic Artist Don Rodriguez always has the art world wondering what He is going to do next. He Creates interesting and unique paintings. His works - in all forms - are constantly evolving. Expressive and Exciting, his Creations are gaining increased attention on the Local, Regional and International stage.
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 Contemplating my next brush stroke.


The Background

             "Original Paintings & Reproductions"

Hi, I'm Don Rodriguez,  I'm a Texas based Artist that resides in Baytown. I've been Painting & Creating Art for over 20 years now but it was mostly as a hobby. Since 2019, I've decided to take the Plunge to start Selling My Creations and Create My Art Business, known as: "Expressionistic Art". I put my Heart & Soul into creating my Pieces.

My Motto - Is " Creating With Passion"

The Joy of creating something out of Nothing, really Livens me up in an Exciting way. And I want to Share my Emotions and Feelings to You and the Rest of the World through My Creations!

 I'm a Contemporary Abstract Artist. I Primarily work with Acrylic & Oil paints. I've trained in the Various Styles & Techniques to Create Interesting  & Unique Paintings.  My Creations are Vibrant in Color with Lots of Texture & are Intended to Evoke Positive, Upbeat Emotions, Feelings and Reactions.

 My painting Style and Technique is continually evolving, never staying stuck on the same things too long, I'm Always Looking for New Ideas for New Creations.

If You Enjoy, Love & Appreciate Art as Much As I Do, I'm Absolutely sure that You will enjoy having My Creations in Your Living Space.

My Original Creations are highly sought after, however I Also Offer Reproductions.


These Reproductions are of Fine Art Printing & are the Highest Quality Archival Prints on Canvas available. The Printing Company that I use is the (Studio -  (Gallery & Fine Art Printers). It Specializes in making Professional Grade/ High Quality reproductions. The Studio's Clients range from Amateur to Professional Artists & Photographers from Local ( Houston area) to All Over the USA, Europe and Asia.

The canvas Prints (aka - Giclee Prints) are Gallery Grade Fine Art Professional Quality.

The Printing is a Color Faithful reproduction. This means the Color Quality of the Prints, Will Exactly match My Original Paintings.

(Better - Light Fine Art Scanner Process) is Employed. (It's basically Taking an MRI of the Original painting). [Not a Photo]

The Scanner - Scans Every Square Inch of the Original painting, Vertical & Horizontal - Capturing Every Detail.

Museums often use this Scanning / Printing process to Make Copies of Their Precious Pieces and Loan them out for Exhibitions as Giclee Canvas Reproductions.

These Museums include: N.Y. Metropolitan Museum, The Guggenheim, Boston and Philadelphia Museums of Fine Art and Smithsonian Institute to name a few.

"So Trust that when you Own one of My Reproductions, you'll be getting a Fine Art Reproduction at its Best"!

I'm Looking Forward to Hearing from You.



Gradient Purple Blue

The  Gallery

" Fragments Of Space"

"Mystery Moon # 2

 Original Piece: Acrylic: 24 x 36: $1250. - Gilcee Canvas Reproduction: Prices from: $ 650 & up - Larger Sizes Avail. Limited Edition.

Award Winner 2nd Place 2019: Original Piece: Acrylic & Oil: 18 X 24: $ 1800. - Giclee Canvas Reproduction: Prices From: $650. & up. Larger Sizes Avail. Limited Edition

Original Piece - Oil - Pointillism:16 X 20 : $1800.- Canvas Reproduction: Prices From: $ 650 & up. Larger Sizes Avail. Limited Edition.



Please get in touch for more information about Expressionistic Art, to discuss possible collaborations, or for any media inquiries.


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